2022 trends in architecture and design

The 2022 trends in architecture and decoration are not excessively disruptive.
Generally they stay the course of this year, looking for natural materials, such as ceramic tile by Mykonos Cerámica, glass or wood, and the conversion of the home into a refuge and multifunctional temple.

Nature as inspiration
In 2021 it was key to bet on nature as a source of inspiration for a new project and this brand new year continues
this way: natural, durable materials, garden ceilings or biophilic interiors are examples of this growing trend, which also extends to offices.

Industrial materials: steel and resin
Is it possible for the industrial to coexist with the organic? Yes.
The contrasts are all the rage in 2022:
> Harmony between the natural materials and the industrial ones (steel and resins).
> The combination between vernacular (terrazzo, handmade tiles, brick walls …) with their digital production (with recycled materials, digital printing,)

More reflections and shine
A neutral base, in which the color is provided by plants, objects and light. Ceramic tiles in white or plain grays allow accentuation on decorative elements
and play with the reflection of mirrors, glass, satin paint or polished metal as a way to multiply spaces.

Friendly and functional minimalism
During the next year the post-pandemic spirit will be maintained: the enhancement of the domestic space through the design of serene and multi-functional environments.
A minimalism in which there is room for fantasy, expressed through the materials themselves.

The luxury of silence
In the same place, several people work and coexist, so the solutions and materials that promote isolation will be essential.

More sustainable projects
Every time the client is more and more concerned about the preservation of the environment for that reason he demands much more efficient results, integrated with the environment and careful with nature. Starting with materials, such as ceramic, durable and sustainable.

In praise of curves
Design experts predict that we will succumb to the allure of curves. From sofas and kitchen islands to round pools and curved walls.