5 apps for architects by Mykonos Cerámica


New post by Mykonos Cerámica dedicated to compiling APPS of interest.

After offering lists of applications for contract or related to tiles, below we review 5 apps of interest to architects.
These programs are available on Android and Ios and most of them are free.


AutoCAD Mobile App
The Autocad mobile app is one of the best for sketching and designing.
This application helps to create, edit and view AutoCAD and Revit files on the smartphone.

It can also sync with the AutoCAD desktop app and enables real-time collaboration on cross-platform projects.

Download AutoCAD App.

Sun seeker
A very interesting application for the design phase of a project.
This application allows users to find the solar path of any place on the planet during any time of the day.

In addition, the platform’s intelligent solar trajectory system uses GPS and magnetometer technology to find the correct sun position and trajectory for your current location.

Download sunseeker.


Ideal for contractors, urban planners, landscapers and construction engineers. This App measures distances and land areas on maps.

Users can measure (in metric or imperial units) perimeters, distances, angles, orientation, roads, landscaping projects, using the integrated satellite map.

Download Planimeter.



Archimaps allows you to explore the map of the surroundings from your location. Shows the location of relevant buildings, as well as offering information about their architecture

Download Archimaps.


Graphisoft BIMx
BIMx is a presentation tool that allows users to share and explore 2D plans and 3D models with clients, contractors, and other stakeholders.

Users can access all construction documents from anywhere to get in-context measurements or leave comments and markup directly in the design file.

Download BIMx.


We finish this article with an extra application, only for Ios.

ARki is an award-winning 3D visualization and augmented reality platform that enables architects, designers, and engineers to create interactive presentations.

Users can import models from external platforms, create dynamic layers, and switch between different views.

Download aRki