5 Apps for ceramic tiles by Mykonos Cerámica

The ceramic tile industry still has many possibilities for innovation, one of them is smartphone apps that can help to plan any ceramic tile installation.

We collect 5 free applications for the ceramic sector to help professionals and also final customer.

The RUBI Club, made up of building professionals from around the world, launched EASYTILER a few years ago, an app for the ceramic and contract.
Available for Android and iOS systems, this application brings together multiple functionalities that are very useful in any installation project. For example, quickly carry out stakeout of pavements and wall tiles by choosing between different available modalities (lost bottom, locked joint, bevel, …) and allowing at the same time to adjust the stakeout by moving it with your finger. Or draw up plans in situ of the areas in which they are going to work, as well as make dimensions of them.

Ceramic APP UNE 138002
Launched by Mapei, an international chemical company that produces materials and solutions for construction, this tool makes it possible to choose the appropriate adhesives and grouting mortars according to the characteristics of each work.

Install ceramic tiles
With this app we can calculate the amount of materials necessary for the installation of ceramic tiles such as: tiles, adhesive, fugomal and other necessary materials.

Metro Lineal
This app is a calculator that allows you to quickly calculate the linear and square meters of ceramic tiles that we need for an installation.

Kitchen Backsplash
It is a very simple application whose sole purpose is to visualize which is the best combination of kitchen backsplash and countertop tiles. We only have to add the photos of the tiles that interest us to the gallery to create the simulation.