Advantages of Mykonos Cerámica technical floors

Technical floors are a type of tile with special characteristics that allow it to be placed directly on the flooring or on top of a support structure.

n this second case, the technical flooring is installed on adjustable fixing feet hidden from view that create a gap between the tile and the previous firm.
This gap is used to lay wiring, install heating, hide drains, and even troubleshoot slopes.
The Mykonos Cerámica technical floor is suitable for both indoors and outdoors, with a C3 anti-slip factor and a thickness of only 20 mm.
Our 60×60 mm format technical porcelain tiles can be placed as a raised floor and use the lower space between the tile and the floor to hide any element.
Its fields of application are practically unlimited: offices, banks, theaters, universities, hospitals…

Outdoors they also allow a dry arrangement on grass, gravel and sand.
They are mainly placed on terraces, swimming pools, driveways, gardens, garages and industrial areas.


  • Anti-slip.
  • Its absorption level, as it is porcelain tile, is less than 0.1%, which guarantees resistance to frost and changes in temperature.
  • Resistant to stains and the passage of time produced by the shade of sun exposure.
  • Resistant to chemical attacks, such as pool salts, acids and chemical agents.
  • Light weight.
  • Very high breaking load values, making it a suitable option for high traffic areas.
  • Easy installation, avoiding drying times and debris removal.
  • Easy to remove. They allow to remove and put pieces to be reused in another place or to access any area.
  • Easy to clean, so maintenance is minimal.
  • Lower construction costs.
  • Reduction of installation times.
  • Infinite creative possibilities for architects and designers.

In the case of being placed as a raised floor, in addition:

  • It allows quick access to the facilities without the need for works.
  • It reduces the times in future rehabilitation.