Ceramic tile cleaning after works by Mykonos Cerámica

In this post, Mykonos Cerámica offers recommendations for ceramic tiles cleaning after the works.

With the UNE 138002: 2017 regulation of quality ceramic tile, guidelines are established on the importance of a correct final cleaning of the work. (The installer, once the laying and grouting has been completed, must deliver the coating completely clean). Coating is understood as the entire surface that includes not only the ceramic tiles but also the joints, since the grouting material will be exposed to the same aggressions as the tiles themselves.

Final cleaning of the work area is necessary so the tiles are correctly finished. So remove any leftover bits of cement, sealant and any other residue. Use mildly acidic descaling detergents to do this.

*** Do not use these kinds of products on recently installed tiles as the acid will react with adhesives and sealants that have not set yet.


To protect the surface of unglazed and textured (full body) porcelain tiles against dirt caused by traffic and to make maintenance easier, we recommend FILASTOP DIRT. It restores their sheen, does not form a surface film and penetrates deep down to protect the material against organic stains without altering its skid resistance.

COVERAGE: 1 litre for approx. 30-40 m2

USE: Apply the undiluted product evenly to the perfectly clean, dry surface, using a large flat paintbrush or similar to “pull” the product well. Within 10 minutes after application, remove all
residues of product from the surface with a clean cloth or single brush machine. We recommend working on one small area at a time. The surface is ready for use after 8 hours.


For normal floor cleaning, we recommend using FILACLEANER neutral detergent with strong cleaning power, instead of acid or abrasive products.
Some kinds of dirt (sand, gravel, etc.) increase the abrasive effect of through traffic. We therefore recommend keeping the floor as clean as possible, protecting transit areas with rugs. Ceramic floors have moderate resistance to knocks. We therefore recommend that precautions be taken to avoid dropping heavy or sharp objects onto the floor.


In the case of material laid with resin joints (e.g. epoxy), we recommend cleaning after site completion with FILACR10, specific for epoxy grouting.

COVERAGE: 1 litre for approx. 5-10 m2.

USE: Spread the undiluted product evenly across all the surface, rubbing more stubborn residues. Leave for about 30 minutes. Rub with an abrasive sponge or single-brush machine. Remove any residues and rinse with water.