Wood Ceramic Tiles by Mykonos Cerámica

Inspired by the wood appearance and texture, the Mykonos Cerámica Forest Collection recreates this natural material without any of the drawbacks of parquet.

This has been one of the latest trends to be incorporated into ceramic tiles, before the ceramic CONCRET collections arrived.

Its high decorative value has made it an indispensable piece in the portfolio of any designer and architect.

The Mykonos Cerámica Forest collection encompasses different sizes, colors, finishes and even materials.
Although most series are included as porcelain tiles, our customers also have the option of choosing red body, which is made from natural clays, as in the Wood series.

The current models of ceramic tile floors that imitate parquet offer, with all kinds of detail, the beauty of the wood grain and enter spaces that natural woods cannot occupy. Thus we find them outdoors, humid areas, high traffic, pavements and also wall tiles like Okyo.

Its c1 or c3 anti-slip attributes increase its ability to be installed in rooms with specific needs such as swimming pools, kitchens, commercial spaces with medium traffic, and even shower trays.

In addition, imitation wood tiles allow unlimited creativity due to their variety of sizes and colors.

The wooden floors of Mykonos Cerámica come in sizes from 22.5×90 cm at the Natura series, to 20×120 cm at Calima`s, reaching the short formats of 22.5×60 cm or special lengths of 150 cm, at the Long Wood series.

The tiles reproduce any type of wood – from oak or walnut to beech or maple as at Legno Cassa pieces. With aged finishes as at One‘s; in relief, like the Irati models; or bluish like the Monaco series.


Wood tiles are much stronger than parquet. They resist water, humidity, different cleaning products, scratches, abrasion…

They have a minimum maintenance, limited to daily cleaning with specific products for floors, without the need for waxing or polishing.

Imitation parquet ceramic floors do not loose color or shine over time.

Discover the Forest Collection by Mykonos Cerámica.