Challenges of the ceramic sector in 2021, by Mykonos Cerámica

Mykonos Cerámica dedicates the first post of the year to listing some of the challenges facing the tile sector.

A 2021 in which it is difficult to make predictions but in whose changes the potters have already been working for months.

Energy transition.
It is no longer the future, if not the present, that the tile companies have their sights set on a environment friendly production.
The electrification of furnaces, the capture of CO2, biomass or the strategy of green hydrogen, are just some examples of the change that will come.

Expected return from the face-to-face fairs.
Something that would begin in May with Cevisama, which, like the rest of the meetings in the sector, has delayed its dates to have time to appreciate the effects of the already existing vaccine against covid19 and the return to a new type of normality.

The framework of trade relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union.
In January 2020, the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement entered into force according to which the United Kingdom is no longer part of the EU.
Negotiations began in Brussels on March 2, 2020. With just two weeks to go to the end of the year, there is still no agreement on the conditions for the tile sector.

Selling ​​with digital tools.
The pandemic has led tile companies towards the development of their online channels, not only as a complement, but also as a substitute for part of the sales in the face of future challenges.

Upgrade cogeneration plants.
The Castellón plants are mostly highly efficient, with yields of up to 80%, an example of energy efficiency and reuse.
Given the impossibility of replacing at this time those that have exhausted their useful life, the search for alternatives for the modernization of the current ones is imposed.

Not only in production but also in the materials and functionalities of ceramic tiles.
Specific enamels that highlight hygiene properties incorporating biocides and photocatalysts, new technical floors, conductive tiles, recyclable materials …