Concret ceramic tiles by Mykonos Cerámica

CONCRET-effect porcelain tiles is one of the best-selling collections of Mykonos Cerámica since its incorporation.

From residential construction to commercial projects, passing through the cladding of facades, it is one of the trends in interior design due to its marked timeless and functional character.

Thanks to new techniques, it has been possible to recreate not only the minimalist details of the concrets, but also the aesthetic appearance of worn surfaces marked by time; with the texture of a material with a strong visual impact and a preferably cool color palette.

Porcelain tiles with a CEMENT effect reproduce with extreme realism the appearance of coarse concrete, chipped render and modern cement.

They have all the design characteristics of microcement and concrete, with the advantages of ceramic tiles meaning multiple designs, resistant, highly durable, non-slip, easy to clean and minimal maintenance.

Concret collection by Mykonos Cerámica. The Viene serie.

Interior design

Concret-effect tiles began to be used in designs with a minimalist and industrial style where the architect sought to enhance the feeling of spaciousness by placing pieces of rectified porcelain stoneware and straight cut.
Today, this ceramic is used in any contemporary setting.

This option can be very versatile, since it can be combined with elements of wood or exposed brick, to create rustic-looking environments, or with other materials to design more contemporary places.

Furthermore, the fusion of concret with other elements, such as sheet metal or stone, is one of the latest ceramic trends aimed at urban spaces that are part of modern architecture.

Concret collection by Mykonos Cerámmica. The Astor serie.


The CONCRET collection by Mykonos Cerámica has 21 series of porcelain tiles in multiple sizes: from the small 25×75 cm and 30×60 cm to the large 75×150 cm or 60×120 cm.
The timeless and elegant color palette ranges from natural whites, creams and sands to cementitious grays and charcoal.

The collection is joined by beautiful decorated pieces of white-paste ceramic with reliefs, roughness, geometric and vintage motifs.

Concret collection by Mykonos Cerámmica. The Rox serie.

Discover here the entire CONCRET collection by Mykonos Cerámica or download the catalog.