Our 20-mm porcelain tiles are fit for outdoor spaces, driveways, terraces, swimming pool areas, resorts and spas, parks and gardens, urban areas and even industrial zones.

Its characteristics include its easy installation, without adhesives or joints and reusable. Antislip tiles adjust perfectly to the land inclination and weather conditions. It should be noted the great mechanical load capacity and that it has no maintenance.

The ventilated facade is a constructive solution that allows the facades to be covered with a ceramic coating separated from the closing wall, but fixed to it. The resulting chamber is open at strategic points, usually at the joints, to allow ventilation. This camera will improve the performance of the building and prolong its life.
Its installation consists of the placement of an aluminum structure on the work facade, in which the fixing system of the ceramic pieces will be housed.

There are several ways to place the product, from dry disposal on grass, gravel or sand to the use of raised floors, which leaves a gap under the tiles that allow the passage of other kind of installations.