Mykonos Cerámica and large-format porcelain

Mykonos Cerámica offers a collection of large-format tiles that present solutions for all types of architectural projects.

From creating contemporary and elegant spaces, completing a brutalist style or cladding facades to using large pieces to design new elements.

Atrio MySupra by Mykonos Cerámicas

Large-format porcelain tiles also offer unique advantages.


XXL tiles visually expand the space, creating uniform rooms in which to highlight the decorative elements or that extend from floor to walls and ceiling.


The spaces appear larger than they are since the extension of the tiles creates an optical effect that plays with the size of the rest of the objects in the room.

Large number of uses.

Ultra-large pieces are not limited to being ceramic flooring or wall tiles, but rather they open the door to innovative ideas: they can be used to design tables, kitchen countertops, bathroom backsplashes, fireplace covers…

Faster installation.

By requiring fewer pieces and having new installation methods, the installation time of the material is reduced.

Unique facades.

Large format tiles are an optimal solution for cladding facades. To the variety of designs and customization of cuts that the architect can apply, its resistance, durability and energy savings are added.

Simpler cleaning.

A space with large ceramic tiles has fewer joints, so its cleaning is faster and its disinfection is more complete.

Trace MySupra by Mykonos Cerámica

MySupra is the large-format porcelain tile from Mykonos Cerámica.

120 x 260 cm and 120 x 120 cm square tiles; and 6 or 9 mm thicknesses in five extremely versatile collections.

The Ibiza series, tiles in pure white.

The Trace series, that sets a unique background in blue or gray swirls that transform tiles into pieces of art.

Canar by Mykonos Cerámica

Canar, for those designers looking for ceramic marble.

Mycrotech MySupra, with c1 and c3 anti-slip options.

And the Atrio MySupra series, with ceramic in 4 ultra modern shades: coal, cream, gray and light.

Mykonos Cerámica invites you to join the technical area of ​​the website to have access to the details of these series.