Mykonos Cerámica at Cersaie 2021

Cersaie 2021 has closed its doors with positive feelings for Mykonos Cerámica.

After a year of stoppage due to covid, the fair returned with restrictions because of the pandemic such as the redesign of many stands, the hygienic-sanitary measures, the covid passport or the performance of mandatory PCR tests for those who lacked them.

The biggest change has been the difficulties for non-EU visitors to get to the event. Asians, Russia and Arab regions have been lacking, and the US has reduced its presence on account of  the difficulties the country is still going through.

It has therefore been a fair where Mykonos Cerámica has received mostly of its European customers for the most part.

Despite this, the responses from customers and partners of Mykonos Cerámica has been extremely positive in the first year of the company with its own stand in Bologna.

In conclussion, we may consider that this has been a much more professional fair, from which the following remarks could be highlighted:

Neotech series: within our range of terraces, the Neotech series gave a touch of boldness, having a very good reception by customers, both current and new.

Bali series: The reproduction of natural stone is what we have achieved with this collection in 4 colors and 3 finishes, size 60×120 cm.

Sant Laurent series: Marbling in dark tones with inserts of golden veins in 60×120 and 120×120 cms sizes, matt and premium polished.

Ducal series: Proving once again that we are in trend, this series has provided a touch of freshness with its bluish and green colors.

Baku series: We may be looking at the most complete collection of ceramic woods on the market, with a range of 6 colors in two sizes, accompanied by a series of complementary pieces.

Stylo series: the marbling taken to the minimum expression in multiformat, colored mass, rectified porcelain tile.

Aspen Series: Possibly one of the most successful series of Mykonos Cerámica, to which two new colors have been added within the Bali Stone trends, in 30×60 size.

Gemstone Series: Within the trend ranges, we have managed to merge the imitation of manual work, made by hand, with two current colors in the line of marbling.

Cersaie 2021 has meant a breakthrough in the return to normality in commercial activity and has allowed us to resume contact with many customers.

We can say that this Cersaie leads the path that we expect Cevisama 2022 to follow, scheduled for February 7-11 next year.