Mykonos Cerámica highlights white tiles

Mykonos Cerámica highlights the creativity of white tiles in its spectacular collection.

The Pure Collection includes 6 series of ceramic tiles with options of materials, sizes and designs for any project and architect.

> White pasta and red pasta.
> 9 different sizes, from 20×50 to 30×90 cm tiles.
> Shines and mattes.
> Smooth and embossed.
> Special and decorative pieces.

The classic white tile has been renewed and enters into the new trends due to the creativity of its new combinations and designs.
The use of these tiles, as it was years ago, in the tiling of kitchens and bathrooms is already out of date; now these rooms are transferred to occupy offices, living rooms and terraces.

They are used as a design element to highlight a single wall, to create baseboards, to unify all floors, to combine with paint or natural materials… The ARTIC series in matt, for example, is ideal for these compositions.

Joints in contrasting colors or black are trends and give the spaces with white tiles a more defined design: minimalist, Nordic, industrial…

Also the reliefs open a new field of uses and sensations; such as the cubic reliefs of the NORTE series or the diamond decorations of the ICEBERG series.

The BLANCO series by Mykonos Cerámica is the one that offers the greatest possibilities, with glossy and matt white body tiles and multiple sizes: 20×50 cm, 25×40 cm, 31×61 cm, 10×20 cm, 20×20 cm, 25×50 cm.
Among its decorations we find the shiny CAMBRILS or the 10x2o cm bezels in white or black that will be the solution for those looking for a subway tile.

The NEWFRESH series, for its part, introduces color into white tiles, coordinating them with shades of gray, green, blue, or red…

Mykonos Cerámica also incorporates large-format total white tiles in its MYSUPRA Collection.

Discover the entire Pure Collection at the link.