Mykonos Cerámica New general catalog 2022



Mykonos Cerámica presents the new 2022 general catalog aimed at tile professionals, architects, designers and distributors.

· All current brand products available in a single renewed publication: porcelain floor and wall tiles series (with white and red body options), special pieces, packaging, installation systems, cleaning recommendations…

· A new graphic line with more complete and quickly locatable information.

· New high-quality series of porcelain tile, ceramic wood, hydraulic-inspired tiles, relief coatings, large format or tiles recommended for ventilated facades…

· Extensive collections with the latest trends to freely design interior and exterior spaces,
both residential and contract in rustic, minimalist, industrial spaces…

The common thread of the new catalog are the 4 large groups that present a solution to any demand:

Collections of high-end rectified white body porcelain floor and wall tiles.

Porcelain floor tiles and non-rectified white body wall tiles for all project levels and high turnover.

Hand-designed series of porcelain floor and wall tiles inspired by hydraulics and Mediterranean colours.

High luxury polished porcelain tiles and large formats from 60×120 cm.

The new catalog new general catalog 2022 Mykonos Ceramics can be downloaded at this link.