Mykonos Cerámica on World Enviromment Day

On World Environment Day, Mykonos Cerámica reviews some of its sustainability commitments. These are not only translated into commitments but into actions already implemented in management and production.

Product life cycle

Our ceramic tiles have the Environment Product Declaration of the DAPcons® UNE-EN ISO 14025 program.
This environmental authorization aims to prevent, reduce and control pollution of the atmosphere,
water and soil, by establishing an integrated prevention and control system that avoids deterioration of the environment.


In the supply of raw materials we take into consideration the environmental variable to reduce impacts, selecting the content of RECYCLED MATERIAL.


This certification includes different models of our porcelain stoneware whose variability in the results of the Life Cycle Inventory Assessment (LCIA) in no case exceeds 10%.
The following absorption groups are included:
– BIa absorption group: formed by dry pressing with AA ≤0.5%.
– BIb absorption group: formed by dry pressing with AA between 0.5% and ≤3%.

Sustainable building

Currently there are voluntary certification references for the sustainability of buildings whose information we make available to the client to allow them to carry out the Level (s)* evaluation of their work.

* Level (s) is an open source assessment framework developed by the European Commission that builds on existing standards to provide a common EU approach to assessing the environmental performance of buildings. The building sustainability certification schemes in EU BREEAM, DGNB, VERDE, HQE, ITACA, … etc.

Facility organization
Our quality system is certified by an independent authority (AENOR), being audited annually to verify that the requirements of ISO 14001 are met and that the implemented Environmental Management System is maintained.