Mykonos General Catalog update in January 2023


Mykonos Cerámica begins 2023 with an update of its general catalogue: new series and colours, sizes and packaging of great interest to the professional sector.

Among the novelties, the SATIN and POLISHED evolution is incorporated into several existing series.

The SATIN series, such as San Carlo Satin or Saint Laurent Satin, have a “velvet” effect on the surface of the tile that makes them soft and with a soft shine.

The POLISHED series, such as the Lincoln Polished and Cosmos Polished, have a high-gloss polish that achieves luxury to pieces that reflect the environment and multiply the light.


New highly combinable decorations are added to this catalogue.

Among them, white-paste pieces with reliefs such as Limit White, Limit Gray or the geometric and matt shapes of the BLANCO series.


Also pieces of porcelain tiles with patterns of tropical leaves like the Amazonia serie, with its exuberant colors, or Belize, with very light tones.


Among the series that incorporate new colours we can highlight ASPEN, the great leader in porcelain tiles for swimming pools and outdoors. It adds salmon and gray to its versions to further personalize the decorative aspect.

The Monaco series also adds beautiful pieces in shades of red and white.

Or the precious colors of Vintage ceramic wood tile with greyish and natural tones to achieve very personal and modern rooms, even for industrial environments.

The LARGE FORMAT collection, with sizes of 60×120, 120×120 and 120×260, grows and adds new series.

The catalog is available at this link on the Mykonos Cerámica website.