Outdoors tiles by Mykonos Cerámica



Mykonos Cerámica tiles are one of the solutions with the greatest advantages and designs for architects and
builders design their outdoor spaces.

Cladding of facades, walls, terraces, water areas, even sculptures and furniture follow the trend of using this durable, resistant, immutable and hardly maintenance-free material.

With its special pieces, tiles are also a material that can be adapted to multiple shapes. We convert tiles for any size or need: stairs, slopes, mosaic mesh, overflows, gutters, angles,…

And with its finishes (anti-slip c1, c2, c3, striated, embossed, etc.) we modify the slip resistance coefficient for high-traffic, humid areas or areas that require greater safety.

Porcelain tile facade by Mykonos Ceramica.


Porcelain tiles take on the appearance of materials found in nature such as stone, brick, wood, rust or marble.

Rustic series by Mykonos Cerámica.


The scale of whites and warm tones such as beige and the range of ecru and toasted put us in tune with the environment, facilitating the relationship between our home and the environment. In the case of opting for shades of gray, these provide a touch of contemporaneity or sophistication depending on the color combination chosen.

One of the latest trends is to blur the border between the interior and exterior space of the house, using the same material inside and outside. The perfect material and chromatic homogeneity of the Mykonos ceramic wood series, for example, are perfect for this task.

Irati series from Mykonos Ceramica.


We also have ceramic tiles series that coordinate specific models for exterior floors and walls. Because all flooring is suitable for the wall, however, not all coverings are suitable for the floor.


Pool from the Baden series by Mykonos Ceramica.

Tiles are ideal for swimming pools, for example.
The inert nature and waterproof nature of ceramic make it an anti-allergic material that prevents moisture from penetrating the tiles. In addition, it is possible to choose non-slip models.

The best type of ceramic for exterior walls is porcelain stoneware, which absorbs less water and is more resistant to weather conditions than other types of tiles. In addition, it is very resistant to scratching and has high durability.


Another of its advantages is that it is antifreeze.

The ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 10545-12 antifreeze standard consists of subjecting a sample of 10 pieces 100 times to a change in temperature from -5ºC to +5ºC, previously submerged in water before each of the 100 freezing times. If the pieces do not show any damage after the test, it guarantees that the tile is anti-frost.

With this quality guarantee, we can be sure that the ceramic we install will not suffer damage due to the freezing of water in the interior structure of the ceramic material.