Stone ceramic tiles by Mykonos Cerámica

The ancient stones, formed by the passage of time and polished by the human being, are one of the essential materials in the portfolio of any architect and designer.

The best way to enjoy them, with all their advantages and none of the disadvantages, is through the ceramic stones by Mykonos Cerámica.

The STONES collection has 8 series of porcelain, white body and red body tiles, without maintenance and with the maximum useful life.

From small to large sizes.
For example, tiny mosaic tiles from the TUCSON series ( 25×40 cm) , a nod to the handmade nuances of mosaic. Or up to large 60×120 sizes, such as the ALASKA series (an elegant rectified tile in gray tones and white veins)

Other rectified series of this collection are:
– the new BALI and BALI ROCK, inspired by limestone composites with multiple veins to lovingly reproduce their luminescence and nuances.
– Or the UNIQUE series in white body ceramic tile, with matte finishes that allow to integrate and give visual unity to environments with different uses.
In this range we must highlight the beautiful 30×90 decorated tiles with a delicate diamond relief.

All these series are suitable for interiors and exteriors, facades and even interior of swimming pools.

ASPEN is the leading series used for surfaces with water: swimming pools, jacuzzis, saunas or outdoor bathtubs… With natural tones that are accentuated thanks to the aquatic sparkles and the soft touch of volcanic rock polished by the elements.

From water we go to fire, and to the evocation of the dark stone of the TUAREG series, in flooring and wall tiles; or the total black look of the BADEM series with the natural elegance of slate and its satin touch.

Discover here the rest of the series of the STONES COLLECTION by Mykonos Ceramica