Traditional ceramic tiles in the Rustic Collection by Mykonos Cerámica

The more rustic-style ceramic tiles collections recover their validity as one of the key options for decoration; for interiors and, above all, exteriors.

Rustic floors and walls allow you to find the flavor of tradition, not only in country houses, but also in more modern interiors. Its subtle volumes and wears, its smaller sizes and variety of natural tones recreate the authentic ceramic embellished by the passage of time.

The 13 series of the Rustic Collection by Mykonos Cerámica achieve all the advantages of porcelain tile and rural design.

A wide variety of floor and wall tiles, square pieces, textures, homages to fired clay, stones or bricks await us in this great repertoire.

And almost all of them comply with the C3 anti-slip, the highest level of anti-slip for tiles in areas with the presence of water, slopes or where there is the possibility of going barefoot.

The RUSTIC pieces of the Mykonos Cerámica collection have a handcrafted look.

The CHARGER, CAMARO or MORAIRA series highlight their tones of fired clay, their waters and designs with different wear.

The 33.3×33.3 cm size of these porcelain tiles is also available in the DAKOTA series, pieces in a calcareous gray for the most modern spaces.

If you are looking for textures, the MESSINA series will make you fall in love: timeless ceramics with pebbles and old paving stones that turn any terrace or interior into a space with character and a centuries-old flavor.

The brick type is founded in the VILLA series. In this case, English brick in red and white that has become so fashionable for a few years. A decorative option, both for rustic and industrial style, that will add volume to any room.

Andalusian patios also take their place among the rustic ceramic tiles by Mykonos. In the GRANADA and LLORET series we find red body tiles with geometric pattterns: red octagons, blue leaves or earthy backgrounds that reproduce the memory and taste of the past.

The novelties of this ceramic tiles are:

The SAN CARLO GOLD series, a much more sophisticated rustic porcelain tile with a larger size, in white with brown veins and a
spectacular 48 non-repetitive designs.

The EVEREST series, 30×60 cm wall tiles to create uneven stone walls.

The Rustic Collection of Mykonos Cerámica also offers the possibility of choosing from a large number of complementary and special pieces (borders, decorative tiles, skirting boards, steps…).

Discover the entire Mykonos Cerámica Rustic collection.