Unique Hexagonal Tiles from Mykonos Cerámica.



The geometric shapes trend in space decoration reaches its highest representation with hexagonal tiles.

Mykonos Cerámica presents 3 incredible series of hexagonal tiles in its new catalog.

These hexagonal ceramic tiles, also known as “honeycomb tiles,” have the same characteristics and quality as other ceramic tiles, although in the case of Mykonos Cerámica, they are porcelain tile series.

Exploring Hexagonal Aesthetics

The geometric shape of hexagonal tiles allows for creating unusual and stimulating patterns, adding dynamism to any space.

Initially used in decorative projects for hotels, restaurants, and commercial spaces, hexagonal tiles have now made their way into homes, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

These tiles capture attention with their visual appeal and are ideal for creating focal points in interiors.

They can be used on floors and walls, in corners, and on other surfaces such as countertops or tables.

Additionally, they allow for random combinations of colors, styles, textures, and even materials (like wood and hexagonal tiles), offering incredible creative possibilities.


The Collection of Hexagonal Tiles from Mykonos Cerámica

In their latest 2023 general catalog, Mykonos Cerámica has presented three modern series of hexagonal tiles that captivate with their style and design.


Hanoi Series

The Hanoi series evokes a sense of being surrounded by nature, creating cozy and relaxing environments.

These tiles, sized 8’x9′, blend perfectly with our decorative hexagonal tiles featuring floral motifs, adding a touch of charm to spaces and allowing for floor and wall contrasts, for example.

The Hanoi series offers three versions: beige, grey, and blue.


Soho Series

This series is part of Mykonos Cerámica’s Mediterranean collection, composed of porcelain tiles that revive the vintage style of hydraulic and handcrafted tiles.

The Soho series presents a design in the same size as the Hanoi series. The range includes a smooth version with a water effect, reflecting nature in its purest state; the STRIPES version, offering bold lines for more audacious styles, and the LINES version, with fine line patterns that add elegance and balance to any space.

This format and design allow for separating various areas within the same room, for instance, by combining the smooth model as a base with the lines model, which has a higher visual impact.

It is also possible to create a minimalist space by covering only a portion of the surface with one of the smooth versions.


Samarcanda Series

This exquisite series offers hexagonal porcelain tiles that mimic the beauty of the most dramatic marbles in a color range including black, grey, green, blue, and beige.

This exquisite series offers hexagonal porcelain tiles that imitate the beauty of the most dramatic marbles in a color range including black, grey, green, blue, and beige.

The tiles from the Samarcanda series add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any environment, creating a stunning visual experience.

They are a perfect option for creating contrasts or enriching spaces that use the same color palette.

Hexagonal tiles are a perfect choice for those seeking to innovate in their spaces. The variety of designs and the customization capacity of these pieces allow designers and architects to experiment and create unique environments that reflect the style and personality of each client. Being a rising trend, hexagonal tiles are destined to transform any space into a work of art.