Ceramic marble by Mykonos Ceramica

Marble is a natural stone revered in architecture throughout the ages.

This material, historically associated with luxury, has been adapted by ceramic industry to new decorative trends.
Technology has allowed us to create marble-effect porcelain tiles that have all the characteristics of this stone without its drawbacks.

The ceramic marble by Mykonos Cerámica is strong, durable and barely requires maintenance. Two identical slabs cannot be found after their tiling, thanks to our manufacture in different designs, from 8 to 14 non-repetitive tiles in the different series.

The designer and architect can choose these pieces to spaces that were previously excluded such as: bathrooms, walls, high traffic areas, swimming pools…

Inkjet printing enables the movement and variety of patterns of natural marble to be reproduced with surprising realism.

The Mykonos Cerámica Marble collection even offers colors and combinations impossible to achieve in nature.

The 15 series of ceramic marble by Mykonos Cerámica offer a variety of design for any style and effect that is intended to be achieved: clear and spacious rooms, minimalist beauty, daring mixtures…

As at the HARVEY series, with its sinuous veins and surprising colors or the BOLSHOI series, cream-colored marbles that are warmer.

Classic marbles are represented in series such as MAJESTIC or TRAVERTINE, with the soft gray veins of Calacatta or Travertino.

Relief, a trend of recent years, is also part of these pieces, as in the elegant MARMI and RIMINI series wall tiles.

The outstanding elements, however, are the decorative tiles, which allow unique combinations for each customer: rhomboidal tiles from the TURÍN and BENICASSIM series, vintage elements from the NEVADA series, and artdeco motifs from the LICEO series.

To achieve an even a more spectacular effect, the recommended ceramic marble by Mykonos Cerámica is the rectified 120×120 cm or 120×260 cm large format tiles from series such as CANAR. These allow the application with minimum joints of 6 and 9 mm, ideal also for renovations in which, for whatever reason, over-tiling is preferred.