Onda Tile Museum, by Mykonos Cerámica

Mykonos Cerámica, located in Onda since its origins, shares a ceramic city and tradition with the Tile Museum.

Source: www.museoazulejo.org

Onda, a city that is part of the tile cluster where 90% of Spain’s ceramic tiles are produced, is home to the “Manolo Safont” Tile Museum.
This space, a must for architects, interior designers and professionals in the ceramic sector, houses more than 30,000 pieces in its ceramic collection for architectural applications.

In 1968, the Ministry of Education and Science authorized the creation of the Municipal Historical Museum of Onda. The distinguished ceramist Manolo Safont Castelló is appointed director and a Board of Trustees is constituted that brings together many young people concerned about the historical legacy of their people. Thanks to this young Municipal Historical Museum, a significant amount of objects related to the history of Onda are recovered.

17 years ago, the museum moved to a new building designed by the architects Helio Piñón and Albert Villaplana.

Source: www.ondaturismo.es

The ceramic pieces that are exhibited range from original tiles from the Roman period, continuing with numerous pieces of Gothic tilework, industrial ethnological objects and reaching current productions.

The pottery, Hispano-Muslim pavement or the Renaissance tilework also stand out.
The largest collections correspond to the ceramics that have come out of the kilns of ondenses workshops for more than 200 years.

In addition to this, the museum is home to a ceramic restoration and conservation workshop, a specialized library, the Onda School of Ceramics and continuous exhibitions.

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