Special tile pieces by Mykonos Ceramica

Mykonos Ceramica includes in its series the possibility of creating special pieces to personalize the most of any project.

Special tile pieces are those that perform a specific function. They just differ of the base tiles of a series due to their shape and size, being homogeneous in the rest of the characteristics: material, color, anti-slip index…

They are handrails, stair steps, guttering, mosaics; singular areas of swimming pools such as overflows, grids…
The Professional Association of Tilers and Tilers (PROALSO) distinguishes up to 35 different types.

For example, special pieces are those tiles that complete a pool project such as:

> the edges (usually with anti-slip embossing and end molding),

> the scotias or half-round, which are pieces of a quarter of a circle to solve the joints between walls and also between them and the floor of the pool,

>gutters, for conducting water around the edges of a swimming pool, etc.

Also special pieces are the different types of baseboards, skirting boards or beveled tiles (Ceramic tile with visible edges finished in a bevel (angle < 45º with respect to the surface of the tile), for decorative purposes.

The special ceramic pieces guarantee a perfect finish and can be used in interior and exterior projects, wet areas…


You can consult the basic special pieces in the catalog and on the Mykonos Cerámica website.

For more information and customization: mykonos@mykonosceramica.com