Trends in 2021 architecture by Mykonos Cerámica.

The spaces we inhabit and work in influence us in every way.
This 2020, in which we have spent most of our time at home or in closed spaces, has shown us that perhaps we depend on them more than we would like and that they may not be adapted to all our needs.

In 2021, architects and designers present some trends applicable to residential, work and urban spaces.

> Rehabilitation and reforms with greater environmental awareness

The houses and offices are designed taking into account energy consumption. In the renovations, attention will be paid to issues such as thermal insulation, the replacement of carpentry with other more efficient ones, the use of renewable energy or self-consumption, etc.
The existing infrastructures will be reused or readapted to the situation to provide them with greater comforts and health.

> Beyond the legislation

The new constructions will not only apply the new Technical Building Code (CTE) in terms of efficiency, but will also try to anticipate and apply standards that are currently only recommended towards the energy transition, such as the Passivhaus. This international construction concept consists of constructing buildings that are energy efficient, with high interior comfort and are economically affordable.

> More flexible, multifunctional and bright homes

The demand will tend to look for larger houses with open spaces and access to the outside. It will be common to search for extra rooms to transform into an office, gym or other types of room dedicated to home leisure.
Orientation and natural light will become more important if possible with the inclusion of balconies, terraces, overhead light …

> Insulation and acoustic conditioning

Working from home and dedicating more time to indoor leisure has made us more aware of the importance of respecting high standards of acoustic comfort.
The user increasingly values ​​having a good quality of insulation as part of health, the good development of neighborhood relationships and rest.

> Very neat floors and walls

A variety of textures and a diversity of colors are incorporated into the floors and walls. Ceramic tiles with a wood look, polished concrete and natural stone, such as those included in the Mykonos Cerámica collections, will be the greatest exponents.

> Domotic home

The demand for these controls is increasing so that households adjust themselves to the ideal conditions of the inhabitants of the house. These smart controls are applied in light, temperature or security and always look for the greatest energy savings.